Dave Ramsey’s Tax Center

Dave Ramsey’s Tax Center

New to Dave Ramsey?

More than one million families have turned to Dave Ramsey and his common-sense approach to finances. As an acclaimed author, talk show host and personal finance expert, Dave Ramsey has helped countless Americans get out of debt and get on the path to financial wellness.

Dave has selected Joe Sharpe as his ELP for Taxes

Dave Ramsey is great – but sometimes you need to talk to a tax professional in person. When you’d like your tax questions answered with Dave’s perspective, just call on Joe Sharpe. He is Dave’s “Endorsed Local Provider” (ELP) of tax preparation and information – his exclusive representative in downstate Illinois.That means Joe Sharpe is the only tax professional recommended in our area!

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Learn More About Joe Sharpe

  • Joe Has Dave’s Endorsement. As an ELP, Joe brings the same down-to-earth financial advice to you that Dave Ramsey would provide if he were here meeting with you.
  • He’s Earned It! Joe has undergone an extensive selection process to earn the honor of represent Dave Ramsey locally.
  • You Can Trust Total Income Tax. Joe brings Dave’s no-nonsense approach to your taxes. He can help you understand how to reduce your withholding, what deductions you should take and how to use the extra money you have to pay down your debt!

Why Bother with a Tax Preparer?

Dave Ramsey recommends using a tax preparer to file your taxes, because he knows that – on average – you are likely to receive a significantly higher refund!Plus, you won’t have to sweat tax time, because now you have Dave Ramsey’s endorsed local provider to tackle your taxes for you.

Haven’t filed a tax refund for one or more years?

Total Income Tax can help you take the first steps to getting control of your finances – by making your tax nightmare go away.

What Would Dave Want You to Do?

Dave Ramsey would say “Call Joe at Total Income Tax for Dave-Ramsey-Approved Tax Assistance. Trust Total Income Tax.” In fact, he’s already said it! Listen to his endorsement when you click on Dave’s image at the top of this page. If you are interested in having sound professional advice on your financial situation, contact Total Income Tax online or call 309-655-1040. Joe Sharpe will help guide you to overcome your financial challenges in no time.

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