William Sharpe, President

William Sharpe has been in the tax business since he was 8 years old, when he literally started in the mail room of the family enterprise. William has vivid memories of tagging along with his mother to help with whatever work needed to be done at the office. That’s how a family business operates…all hands on deck.

William began preparing tax returns in 1999. He spent the next several years shadowing Bill Sharpe, his grandfather and business founder, on a daily basis. This allowed William to not only pick up nuances of the income tax code, but it gave him a business role model. This experience was priceless and irreplaceable.

The Sharpe Family spent most of their career at an office located on 3809 N. Sterling Avenue in Peoria. In 2002, while William was attending Colorado State University, Mr. Sharpe called William to let him know that he was selling his business to Jackson Hewitt as a step toward retirement. Mr. Sharpe planned to stay on as an employee of Jackson Hewitt. Self-employed and his own boss for 30+ years, Mr. Sharpe soon discovered he did not like being an employee of a large corporation. He decided to start over.

In 2005, William teamed with Bill & Deborah Sharpe to open Total Income Tax LLC. This gave William a new perspective on creating a sound business. When Joe Sharpe joined the company in 2011 to manage and expand the Payroll Service branch of the business, it allowed William to focus solely on the Tax & Accounting branch. Presently, Total Income Tax is located on 1425 W. Forrest Hill Avenue, next to Nena Hardware. It has 13 year round employees, and as many as 20 employees during tax season. Total Income Tax does more tax returns at their office than any other office in Peoria.

While in his formative years, William learned from his grandfather Bill Sharpe that complacency = death. Consequently, in 2016 William and his team started Total IRS Relief. This is a stand-alone business that helps taxpayers with their IRS and IL tax struggles.

William is an Enrolled Agent (E.A.) and a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist (C.T.R.S.). He is a member of the following associations: National Association of Tax Preparers, American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, National Association of Enrolled Agents and the Illinois Association of Enrolled Agents. William lives 4 minutes from the office with his wife, Lori, and their children, Lucy and William.

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