Payroll Processing

Sharp Payroll Service prepares your payroll weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, or any combination of frequencies depending on your specific needs. And Sharp offers limitless choices of earnings types such as salary, hourly, tips, commission, bonus, vacation, holiday, and more, as well as specialized payroll deduction codes including 401k, health and dental insurance, AFLAC, child support, wage garnishment, pay advances, and union dues. You name it and we’ll track it. You simply report your payroll information each period by phone, fax, or e-mail and we’ll handle the rest. Want to maintain full control over your payroll? Sharp even offers secure internet payroll entry through our Millennium software at allowing you to submit your payroll from the office, at home, or even on vacation. All you need is a web browser. Ask a Sharp Payroll Consultant for more information.

  • Tax Filing

    We electronically file all of your tax deposits to the federal government and to any state. Taxes are automatically deducted directly from your bank account. Standard tax filing (FITW, SITW, FUTA, SUI). We can even file city and local taxes by jurisdiction where they may apply.

  • Quarterly and Year-End Reports

    Sharp Payroll Service provides all of your quarterly reports at no extra charge, eliminating hours of paperwork! This includes federal and state 941s and unemployment. We even mail the reports for you. There’s absolutely no work on your end. Sharp also processes your W-2s and 1099s at the end of the year. When you are converted to our system, we input all year-to-date wages so you’ll be issued just one set of W-2s at year’s end.

  • Reports

    Our software offers you limitless reporting power. Our standard reports include a Check Register, Payroll Summary Report, Payroll Register, Input Worksheet, and Billing Invoice. At your request, we can provide you with a Labor Distribution Report, MTD/QTD/YTD Reports, and numerous other reports. We can even create and customize reports according to your specifications such as to include year-to-date totals or breakdown by department.

  • Direct Deposit

    We can set up direct deposit for any and all of your employees. Sharp can even divide net earnings among multiple bank accounts per employee. (For instance: Joe Smith deposits $50.00 per payroll into savings and the remainder into checking.

  • Payroll Delivery

    Sharp’s standard shipping method is UPS Ground, but we can also send your processed payroll Next Day Air, Standard Mail through USPS, or you can pick up your payroll at our office.

  • Bank / Agency Check

    Sharp can issue bank checks if you choose not to file your tax deposits electronically. We create the check and fill out the appropriate tax deposit coupons. Sharp also can issue agency checks including third-party checks to government agencies for child support or wage garnishment, and to benefit providers for 401k and Cafeteria Plans.

  • Check Signing & Stuffing

    We eliminate the need to manually sign and stuff your employees’ paychecks. Sharp can electronically print up to 2 signatures on each paycheck.

  • Customized Payroll Check Design

    We can even print your company logo at the top of each payroll check. Sharp can also customize the appearance of your checks to your specifications.

  • Time Off Accruals

    Sharp Payroll Service can track vacation, sick, and personal time off. We can set up any specified accrual system based on your company needs.

  • Time Clock

    We can automatically import data from your time clock.

  • New Hire Setup

    When you hire new employees, Sharp will take care of inputting all the necessary data including state registration. And there’s no wait time. Your new hire will be added to the payroll the same day.

  • Union Reports

    Sharp Payroll service can prepare your union reports and even generate checks from your payroll account.

  • Payroll Split by Location

    If you have more than one business location, Sharp can save you time by splitting your processed payroll into groups to send to any locations you specify.

  • Integrated Human Resources Module

    If you have more than one business location, Sharp can save you time by splitting your processed payroll into groups to send to any locations you specify.


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